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Contact Relations Manager (CRM)

Collect and store valuable data about each of your customers.

Communications Management (CMS)

Manage your website and marketing communications.

Marketing Workflow Automation

Use more technology and less man power for campaigns.

Goal Tracking & Business Insights

Identify what worked, what didn’t, and how to do better.

Contact Relations Manager

At the heart of the platform is a contact relationship management system for organizing and managing contacts. Using robust filtering capabilities, contacts can be dynamically separated into targeted lists and enable bulk actions based on criteria you specify.

Communications Management

Site Mandala offers a suite of tools for managing messaging and media across an array of digital marketing channels including websites, blogs, social media, and email marketing.

By using these tools to publish all of your content, we are able to track individuals users as they jump from one channel to another, making their way down the marketing and sales funnel.

Marketing Workflow Automation

Site Mandala provides a framework for automating various marketing and business processes. Using our custom form tools, organizations can collect user data and design automated follow-up actions to be taken either immediately or over time

From sorting contacts into special lists to sending automated email notifications, our tools can significantly reduce the amount of manual labor associated with prospecting for customers online.

Business Insights & Goal Tracking

Site Mandala's flexible reporting tools shed light into key traffic and performance metrics. Using our charting tools, users can create custom analytics dashboards that provide and up-to-date snapshot of performance across each of their target channels.

Using our goal tracking tools, organizations can measure and analyze progress toward specific goals they set for themselves.

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